Tuesday, September 1, 2009

{Weekend R&R}

A few months ago, hubby’s family invited us to go along with them on a weekend getaway. In the last few weeks, I was so looking forward to getting away. I seem to be going non-stop these days and longed for a day or two where I didn’t have to worry about dishes getting done or making sure the laundry is caught up.  I even took off a couple days before hand so that I could have the house to myself to get caught up on the things previously mentioned. I had a long list of things that I wanted to get accomplished before we left and was all excited about getting them all done . . . and then, a Facebook comment threw my world into a tail spin.
You see, on Wednesday night, I found out that a dear friend’s father had passed away unexpectedly earlier that day. I was in complete shock! While it has been a year since I have seen that friend and even longer since I had seen his family, I still mourned as if they were my family. I have fond memories of his dad . . . he gave me one of my favorite nicknames, “Smiley”. His funeral was Saturday morning while I was out of town. I am, at this moment, still kicking myself for not finding some way to go however, I was there in spirit.
So, as you can see, this little weekend getaway turned out to be needed much more than I realized. I, of course, packed way more clothes than I needed for two nights away from home and also took along a handful of books that I had started but not finished. The house we stayed in was on a lake big beautiful pond and had a deck overlooking the lake pond. (And yes, off in the distance, that is a teepee that you can rent!)
0828-0830 00000
There was a dock to fish off of along with a canoe and paddle boat.
0828-0830 00001
Hubby actually caught a few fish, which made his little sister a bit unhappy since she couldn’t catch anything. I tried to explain to her that her brother had years more experience than she did but it did not help.  :D
0828-0830 00011
And I spent my time on the deck with my books, this view . . .
0828-0830 00044
and a little companion (my in-laws new puppy).
0828-0830 00041
All in all it was a good weekend.
Now, it’s back to reality!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and don’t forget this week’s color challenge!
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Splendid Little Stars said...

sounds like a most wonderful vacation and a much needed respite. (I know another blogger who would totally appreciate the feet photo. I think I'll tell her about this post.)
I'm very sorry about your friend's father. Being there in spirit is important and letting your friend know you care is so meaningful. I am speaking from personal experience as my mother died a couple months ago. I received some very wonderful cards and letters...

ANestWithAView said...

I LOVE to read when we go to the lake. Feet up and a book in my hands. Do it more often. And remind me to the same exactly because life is short.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! A great view, a canoe, fishing, a good book, and a cute puppy!
Thanks to Splendid Little Stars for introducing me to your blog :)