Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Recycle, Reuse}

I often save things – papers, coffee sleeves, packaging – thinking that I’ll use them to make something really creative. More often than not, those things get passed along or trashed because I never actually make anything. They usually just clutter up my studio. Until now.
I have this obsession addiction to Starbucks so I decided to start saving the coffee sleeves. I collected them for a while and then one day I just stared at them trying to come up with something to use them for. I love the fact that they are flat on one side and corrugated on the other.  After several minutes hours of pondering I came up with the idea to make these cute little embellies.
The set above is an everyday type set made with plaid pattern paper and paper that has cupcakes and other sweets on it. To purchase this set, click on the pic above.
I’ve been working on some Valentine themed sets too!
I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed making them. I still have lots of sleeves and lots of ideas so keep checking the shop for new designs!
We’re expecting a huge winter storm tomorrow night so maybe I’ll have lots of time to spend in my studio . . . after I do a little bit of organizing, of course.  ;)
Happy Crafting! 
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Monday, January 25, 2010

{Organizing the Chaos}

I’m tired. Tired of my life being nothing but chaos. After having a pretty rough week last week I decided it was time for change. It’s only been two days but I’m already feeling better.
First of all, I have decided to make God #1 in my life again. Hubby and I started going back to church a few months ago but after a near melt down last week, I’ve decided that’s just not enough. I am once again pursuing a relationship with God and I can tell you after only a few days, life has been so much better.
Another change I have made is making family and daily maintenance of my household a priority over my shop. So far, so good. I think this is actually allowing me to be more focused when I actually do have time to work in my studio. I feel like I’ve been getting much more accomplished in the last couple of days.
One last change I decided to make – it’s a big one – is to do a complete overhaul on my house. There are only two people living in a 2000+ square foot house and we have no room for anything. It’s ridiculous!  So starting this weekend, I am going to start by organizing drawers, cabinets and closets one room at a time. After all, we do plan on having kids . . . we have actually been working on that, but that’s a different post. My goal is to have everything organized by Summer . . . just being realistic. 
Another change that I am debating is my job. Here lately, I have had a bad attitude . . . I am bored and I think burned out. This is something I am praying about  and will keep you posted.
Now, for my lovely faithful readers, I am hoping that you can help keep me accountable to making these changes. If you are a praying person, I would appreciate that too!
P.S.  The picture above is NOT what my laundry room looks like now. That was taken a little over a year ago.  :)
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{Winter Blues}

I’m pretty sure it all started with this:
12 24 09_0200 copy This day, Christmas Eve, was the worst snow storm blizzard for Oklahoma in a very, very long time. Like my aunt, who was born in 1919, cannot remember ever getting this much snow.
Yes, it ruined delayed our Christmas and nothing went according to plan and yes, I was very bummed about it all but I don’t think the true winter blues hit until this week. This week I have just felt blah. Everyone thinks I’m depressed but I’m really not. I’m just tired and bored and tired. I was having a very quick lunch with my sister today and was telling her about i and she said they were kind of feeling the same way. She thinks we are just stir crazy. You see, we rarely stay home. We’re always making trips to Target & Starbucks, going out to eat and going to the movies. However, it’s been crazy cold here, colder than we are use to, so we haven’t been leaving the house as much so she’s probably right . . . at least I hope so.
With all that said, I totally wouldn’t care if winter just moved on and let Spring make an early appearance.
I’m ready for bright and cheery . . . and warmth. I’m ready for the flowers to start blooming and for the leaves to come back on all the trees. I’m ready to drive my car with the sun roof open and radio blasting.
I’ve been adding Valentine goodies and Birthday cards to the shop.
I’ve also been working on some Valentine goodies for scrapbooking and hopefully, I’ll have them in the shop before Valentine’s Day.  :) 
Want a sneak peek? I don’t know if this will make the final cut, but here ya go!
Boy Girl Watermarked
How are you dealing with the winter blues? Please share, I’d love some ideas!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

{Catching Up}

My 2 Favorite Things
It’s 6:45am. I’ve been up since 5:30am . . .  not sure why. It’s been a rough week. This week was suppose to be my first full week back at work since November but instead, I got sick. I was attacked by an annoying head cold. It seems like I get sick every year after the holidays . . . to much going on to get adequate rest, I guess.
Before Christmas, I had already made my New Year’s resolution to Simplify and be more organized in my home and with my time. So far, this year is not going according to plan:
I’ve been a bad blogger. I wanted to start blogging more about my life and things I make. I enjoy blogging but I just haven’t had taken the time to do it.
I wanted to scrapbook for myself. During my break, I had planned on scrapbooking some of the many photos I take. Instead, I spent that time with family and taking more photos that I will someday never get scrapped. But, I guess I can’t complain about making more memories, huh?
I had intended on having my shop back up and running in full speed by now but as you can probably see, that hasn’t happened. You see, I wanted to work on stuff over Christmas and have an inventory built up for the first of the year so I could have more time to spend on other things like cleaning my house and spending time with family. Instead, I spent time with family over Christmas and am now scurrying around to get stocked for Valentine’s day. It will be here before we know it.
What is your New Year’s resolution and how is it going? Got any tips for a gal that works full time and has a little business on the side? I could sure use your help because as you can see, I still haven’t figured it out after 3 years.

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