Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{Little Monsters}

I’m loving all the little monsters on Etsy lately.
(Click on pics to view/purchase)
3 monstersMonster card3 Eyed MonsterShoesGreen MonsterDino Monster
Enjoy your Wednesday!
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Halloween Scrapbooking}

Before long all you scrapbookers are going to be putting together those Halloween layouts and I have just the things for you!
Halloween-Posies1-2Halloween-JournalsHalloween-Trees-2-1File-Tabs-2Spiders-2 Halloween-Circle-Sayings2
Happy Crafting!!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

{Pumpkin Love}

I love all things pumpkin! Pumpkin spice latte’s, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread . . . I could go on and on.
Happy Crafting!!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

{Working Overtime}

So . . . I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It seems that I get on a roll and then one day, I totally lose my mojo. One of these days I will be a consistent blogger.
The shop has been  doing pretty well which means I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve also been working on a couple of projects that I will share more about later. More tree designs have been in the works too! There will be all kinds of color combos . . . especially some for the holidays.
I am so grateful to all my loyal customers who have purchased my little trees. When I made that first set, I never expected that they would be so popular! So again, thank you for your appreciation of my craft.
Ok, time to get back to the studio to put orders together. But first, I think I need to tidy up my shipping station.

To see pictures of my studio when it’s clean, go here.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

{Color iNspiRation & New Directions}

Warning! This post may seem like it’s jumping all over the place . . . that’s because I am trying to do several things at once so I want to apologize in advance.  :D
Howdy! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent the weekend thinking . . . . and creating.
I was thinking that since there were no entries for last week’s color challenge that I’m going to do away with the challenge part. I will still continue to post some color inspiration from time to time. If you ever make anything that corresponds to any of the color inspirations, I would love to see them so please go ahead and post them to the Flickr group.
I was also creating this weekend. Mainly because that’s one of the things I do on the weekends but also because I received an exciting email that I will have to share more about later.
For a while I have been dabbling in digital design. I’m not sure what draws me to it but I am becoming more and more obsessed with it trying to learn everything I can without having to go back to school.
One of the things I worked on were these Halloween journaling cards that I will soon be listing in the shop! Now, I know they are a pretty basic design but I am a beginner after all.
Thus, the Color iNspiRation for this week! I love adding colors to the ordinary black and orange. We see this color combo in many Halloween products and I plan on making more!
Happy Crafting!!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

{Three Fall Faves}

For those that know me, I dislike the cold weather. Actually, there’s not a word strong enough for my dislike of it. However, there are 3 things that help me get through the season . . . these are probably my only 3 favorite things of fall/winter.
First, there is football! I am a die hard University of Oklahoma, Boomer Sooner, Sooner Born Sooner Dead fan. I have fond memories of my dad waking me up on Saturday mornings and taking me down to Norman to watch the games. There’s just nothing like the atmosphere of a college football game. My hubby didn’t believe me and just couldn’t understand until finally, he broke down and went to a game. While he agreed there was nothing like it, being the anti-crowd person that he is, he still prefers to watch the games at home on our flat panel LCD TV.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks are the BOMB!  I drink iced lattes  all summer and when I start feeling that crisp air, my first instinct is to race to the nearest Starbucks and pick me up one of these babies.
For 3+ years, I had wanted some Uggs. Every time  hubby and I passed a store that sold them, I would stop and gaze at the different styles but never wanted to spend the money. Finally, last year, hubby convinced me to go ahead and get some since I had wanted them for so long. So, I broke down and bought some and I’m telling you, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

What are your favorite items for Fall? Leave me a comment and let me know.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{Fancify your Doodle Cutz}

Now that I have a design team, I get to share the wonderful creations they come up with using my products!
For their first assignment, they were to create projects using the Doodle Cutz. Be sure to read all the way through and get the details on the Doodle Cutz Sale!
You’ve already seen one project in yesterday’s post by  Tessa. Tessa also created this beautiful layout using one of the mirrors from the Home Sweet Home Collection.
The Dress
Tessa also used the Trees set to create her “Love Grows” layout.
Love Grows
Susan did this fun & colorful layout using the Over the Rainbow set.
Diana used the Polaroid frame and journal spot from the Say Cheese set on this fun Spider-Man layout.
Diana also made this cute ATC’s using the Cupcakes Doodle Cutz set.
Cupcake ATC's
To see more of their work, visit the {Inspired} by A Scrappy Design Flickr group. While you’re over there, join the group and add your projects where you’ve used A Scrappy Design’s products!
Now, for the Great News! From now until the end of the month, all Doodle Cutz sets are 10% off! Prices will be reflected so no coupon code required!
Happy Crafting!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

{Color iNspiRed: Lt. Blue, Yellow & Black}

I want to thank everyone for your input on the color challenges. After some thought, I’ve decided to continue the challenges for a little while longer to see if we gain any interest.
Ok, so let’s talk about last weeks challenge. If you missed it, you can see the post here. This awesome Spider-Man layout was submitted by dianaj1012 and check out this layered necklace by PrettyCoolJewels! The winner of the challenge (chosen by is JemJam who submitted this chic ruffled apron. Congrats girlie! Send me your addy and I’ll send you a little something.
Now, this week’s inspiration comes from one of my lovely Design Team members, Tessa of Precocious paper! Tessa made this adorable card using one of the lamps from my Home Sweet Home Doodle Cutz set.
Thanks Tessa!
091409 Lt Blue Yellow & Black
JOIN THE CHALLENGE:  Create something with today’s color inspiration and upload it to the Flickr group I have created for this weekly challenge. You're creation can be anything you've made (photography also counts). Uploading your project may get you featured here on the blog!
The winner of this challenge will win a Home Sweet Home Doodle Cutz set!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafty!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

{Inspired by Tim Burton}

Since Halloween is approaching and since I love Tim Burton movies, this post features all items inspired by Tim Burton.
PrintJackCorpse BrideSpiderCenterpiece

I’m having a Feature Friday sale  in my shop. The Featured Items at the top of the page in my shop will be 15% off. As items are sold new items will rotate through. I will send refund through PayPal or send a revised invoice.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{What happens on Girls Night . . . }

is shared with all! Ok, I’m not going to share all but I will give you the highlights.
But first, here’s the back story. My BFF Jami and I have been having these nights since she moved to OKC. Being married, they are needed . . . you just have to have time with your girlfriends! Well, this particular night had been planned for almost a year. You see, Jami had her second child back in the spring and she knew for sure she would need a night out soon so we planned to have a night out after she went back to work.
Well, our night went from two girlies to four girlies and let me tell you, it was a lot more fun with the four of us! Our first stop was at a restaurant called, Bolero. The food was pretty good but I think the all around favorite was the White Sangrias (note that they are not actually white . . . they are pink!)

Here are some snapshots of our time at Bolero:
Bolero Collage
After lots of laughs, sharing food and a couple of drinks, it was time for dessert! But before we got dessert, we stopped at a candy store and had some fun (I’ll spare you the details here).

For dessert, we had reservations at The Melting Pot . . . . yuuuummmm! I think my absolute favorite there is the S’mores fondue. Here we had some more laughs, embarrassed our waiter, and acted completely silly.
Melting Pot Collage
Before we all met up, my sister’s MIL told us to have fun and not to pick up any men. I can honestly tell you that we were totally oblivious to anyone who might be around us . . . especially men! The purpose was to have a night free of husbands, boyfriends and kids. That night, we vowed to have these nights out at least every other month if not every month. I sure hope we stick to that because I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun!

Now onto to blog/shop business. As I’m sure you have noticed, I did not post a color challenge this week. I am debating whether or not I’m going to keep doing the challenges because I’m not seeing much interest in it. If you enjoy the color challenges and want to participate, I would love to hear your feedback. While I’m trying to figure it all out, I’m going to extend last week’s challenge through this week and will share my decision next Monday. Thank you to all who have participated so far. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your creations!

I think that’s enough for now, you all probably have brain overload now. Hehehe!
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