Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{Little Monsters}

I’m loving all the little monsters on Etsy lately.
(Click on pics to view/purchase)
3 monstersMonster card3 Eyed MonsterShoesGreen MonsterDino Monster
Enjoy your Wednesday!
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Diana Fisher said...

I'm on a monsters kick, too! Check out the profile for A Scrappy Design here! Thanks, Heather, for being a great sponsor!

Stacy said...

Found your blog thru Sketchy Thursdays. I live in Southern Oklahoma and always enjoy finding fellow Okies in blogland :) Love your blog; I added you to my google reader.

Perfectly Precocious said...

Oh my gosh, that green one with the spikey fur, too cute! I love your collections. Keep 'em coming!

Carol B said...

ah man! I saw a book at Exclusive Books (on sale) with all sorts of monster patterns, but hubby talked me out of buying it, saying "they won't sell, the shelves are full of the things"
These are so cute, I think I might go back to get the book.