Friday, January 8, 2010

{Catching Up}

My 2 Favorite Things
It’s 6:45am. I’ve been up since 5:30am . . .  not sure why. It’s been a rough week. This week was suppose to be my first full week back at work since November but instead, I got sick. I was attacked by an annoying head cold. It seems like I get sick every year after the holidays . . . to much going on to get adequate rest, I guess.
Before Christmas, I had already made my New Year’s resolution to Simplify and be more organized in my home and with my time. So far, this year is not going according to plan:
I’ve been a bad blogger. I wanted to start blogging more about my life and things I make. I enjoy blogging but I just haven’t had taken the time to do it.
I wanted to scrapbook for myself. During my break, I had planned on scrapbooking some of the many photos I take. Instead, I spent that time with family and taking more photos that I will someday never get scrapped. But, I guess I can’t complain about making more memories, huh?
I had intended on having my shop back up and running in full speed by now but as you can probably see, that hasn’t happened. You see, I wanted to work on stuff over Christmas and have an inventory built up for the first of the year so I could have more time to spend on other things like cleaning my house and spending time with family. Instead, I spent time with family over Christmas and am now scurrying around to get stocked for Valentine’s day. It will be here before we know it.
What is your New Year’s resolution and how is it going? Got any tips for a gal that works full time and has a little business on the side? I could sure use your help because as you can see, I still haven’t figured it out after 3 years.

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Diana Fisher said...

Love that picture! :) I hear ya on the time thing! I feel like I am always going somewhere, about to do something or planning my next move... gotta love it though to keep it up.

Robin Thomas said...

Heather, other than getting sick lately, you are clearly doing a great job at juggling your job, family and creative life. It may feel like you barely have your head above water, but from here you just look a little wet. Give yourself a pat on the back, and sleep when you are tired! Now repeat that back to me!

John said...

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The warrior in me said...


Just viewed a couple of your posts. Really cute blog, i think. Made me smile :)

The warrior in me said...

p.s. have to mention- loved the coffee mug- made me go weak in my knees.