Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Recycle, Reuse}

I often save things – papers, coffee sleeves, packaging – thinking that I’ll use them to make something really creative. More often than not, those things get passed along or trashed because I never actually make anything. They usually just clutter up my studio. Until now.
I have this obsession addiction to Starbucks so I decided to start saving the coffee sleeves. I collected them for a while and then one day I just stared at them trying to come up with something to use them for. I love the fact that they are flat on one side and corrugated on the other.  After several minutes hours of pondering I came up with the idea to make these cute little embellies.
The set above is an everyday type set made with plaid pattern paper and paper that has cupcakes and other sweets on it. To purchase this set, click on the pic above.
I’ve been working on some Valentine themed sets too!
I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed making them. I still have lots of sleeves and lots of ideas so keep checking the shop for new designs!
We’re expecting a huge winter storm tomorrow night so maybe I’ll have lots of time to spend in my studio . . . after I do a little bit of organizing, of course.  ;)
Happy Crafting! 
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Gabbriella said...

Heather these are really cute. What a great idea! I will have to save you some!

Robin Thomas said...

I have a thing for cardboard...love it!

mustangkayla said...

Those are cute! Fantastic handmade embellie!

Angela said...

Heather, you are an inspiration to us scrapbookers and designers. What a great use of the Starbucks product!