Monday, January 25, 2010

{Organizing the Chaos}

I’m tired. Tired of my life being nothing but chaos. After having a pretty rough week last week I decided it was time for change. It’s only been two days but I’m already feeling better.
First of all, I have decided to make God #1 in my life again. Hubby and I started going back to church a few months ago but after a near melt down last week, I’ve decided that’s just not enough. I am once again pursuing a relationship with God and I can tell you after only a few days, life has been so much better.
Another change I have made is making family and daily maintenance of my household a priority over my shop. So far, so good. I think this is actually allowing me to be more focused when I actually do have time to work in my studio. I feel like I’ve been getting much more accomplished in the last couple of days.
One last change I decided to make – it’s a big one – is to do a complete overhaul on my house. There are only two people living in a 2000+ square foot house and we have no room for anything. It’s ridiculous!  So starting this weekend, I am going to start by organizing drawers, cabinets and closets one room at a time. After all, we do plan on having kids . . . we have actually been working on that, but that’s a different post. My goal is to have everything organized by Summer . . . just being realistic. 
Another change that I am debating is my job. Here lately, I have had a bad attitude . . . I am bored and I think burned out. This is something I am praying about  and will keep you posted.
Now, for my lovely faithful readers, I am hoping that you can help keep me accountable to making these changes. If you are a praying person, I would appreciate that too!
P.S.  The picture above is NOT what my laundry room looks like now. That was taken a little over a year ago.  :)
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Tami said...

Heather keep up the good work and I am right there with ya-we have more in common than you know! Stay strong and focused girl you will get there sooner than you think!

Chelsea Ling said...

good luck getting organized, it's something I always struggle with :) we're in about 1/2 the space with a bebe and one more on the way..... it's near impossible! i have to give up my studio too :(

mustangkayla said...

Good for you! Those aren't easy changes! I wish you much luck! We are moving here in a little over a month (this will be our 9th move in 7 years!). My goal, as it is everytime, is to organize as I unpackc. TO not put something somewhere to just get it out of the way.