Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{Winter Blues}

I’m pretty sure it all started with this:
12 24 09_0200 copy This day, Christmas Eve, was the worst snow storm blizzard for Oklahoma in a very, very long time. Like my aunt, who was born in 1919, cannot remember ever getting this much snow.
Yes, it ruined delayed our Christmas and nothing went according to plan and yes, I was very bummed about it all but I don’t think the true winter blues hit until this week. This week I have just felt blah. Everyone thinks I’m depressed but I’m really not. I’m just tired and bored and tired. I was having a very quick lunch with my sister today and was telling her about i and she said they were kind of feeling the same way. She thinks we are just stir crazy. You see, we rarely stay home. We’re always making trips to Target & Starbucks, going out to eat and going to the movies. However, it’s been crazy cold here, colder than we are use to, so we haven’t been leaving the house as much so she’s probably right . . . at least I hope so.
With all that said, I totally wouldn’t care if winter just moved on and let Spring make an early appearance.
I’m ready for bright and cheery . . . and warmth. I’m ready for the flowers to start blooming and for the leaves to come back on all the trees. I’m ready to drive my car with the sun roof open and radio blasting.
I’ve been adding Valentine goodies and Birthday cards to the shop.
I’ve also been working on some Valentine goodies for scrapbooking and hopefully, I’ll have them in the shop before Valentine’s Day.  :) 
Want a sneak peek? I don’t know if this will make the final cut, but here ya go!
Boy Girl Watermarked
How are you dealing with the winter blues? Please share, I’d love some ideas!
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JemJam said...

I am going to start planning trips to warmer spots during the winter, I hate the cold! I loved the snow, it validated my reasons for never wanting to leave home...

The Muse said...

Hello found your blog in my travels today! Very nice, I must say. Loving today's posting...those little tweet valentine bags..LOL

As far as the snow...we are so tired of that!

Jingle said...

I really love those treat bags! They are so fun!!!

Liz's Wares said...

I'd the snow to leave here too!

Found you on twitter, cute items.
I am now following your blog.
If you'd like to follow me back...

Also check out my shop!

mustangkayla said...

My kiddos (almost 4 and almost 1) have been sick for the last week and half. They have not left the house in 12 days! I have only gotten out twice! Yep, stir crazy here too. It brings out the naughty in everyone (me included). As for what we do? My DD's birthday is the end of the month and I made the invites and some decor for it. We are also moving next month so I have been going through things in a major declutter effort! Good luck!