Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Reorganization is a Slow Process}

Just wanted to give an update on how my total re-organization is going……sloooooowly.  I did an initial run through of our home office and decided that I had it fairly organized. There are a few areas that needed a little work and I needed some pretties to keep it looking so cluttered.

Here are some before pics:

DeskThis is looking in from the laundry room. Thankfully, the desk fit perfectly between the doors that go upstairs and out to the garage. My plan is to get some pretty boxes for storage to show through those glass doors.  I also have some canvas baskets that will be going up top that will store some supplies. And last but not least, the desk will be clutter free!

 Bookshelf This bookshelf is the first thing you see when you walk in from the garage. As you can see, the entrance into the laundry room is just to the left. (Before we added our garage, that doorway went to the outside).  The very top of the bookshelf will hold a charging station for our phones, keys & wallets (the ivy will stay). On the first shelf, I will have a prettier basket for the mail (I’m so tired of it landing on the kitchen counter!). The canvas baskets that I mentioned above, are the ones that will be going on top of the desk. In their place, I plan on putting actual books there! Currently, in that green box on the bottom shelf, are our warranties & instructions for all our appliances & gadgets. That and the other box will be replaced with a couple of file boxes that are more pleasing to the eye.

File-CabinetThis file cabinet is on the other side of the entrance to the laundry room. I don’t like it’s current set up at all…who left those Christmas decorations out?! Oh yeah, that was me, hehe. Everything atop that cabinet is going! I want to put a lamp in the corner and leave the rest empty if possible. On the wall, I want to make a framed magnetic board like the one in my studio except I will cover it with coordinating material instead of leaving it silver.

To give the office a finished look, I am adding a new rug in front of the door coming in from the garage and will add some sort of window treatment to the windows (I’m thinking valances or cornices).

As for the stuff you can’t see (like the tons of paper inside that filing cabinet) well, I am slowly going through that. It is my LEAST favorite part of the whole process. So overwhelming!

I can’t wait to finish this room, so I can move on to the next!


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Tessa Buys said...

Isn't that the perfect therapy? I never want to do it, but by doing it and then enjoying the results, I always feel so much better :). You're inspiring me!

Pickled Parlor said...

I love your desk! Your reorg is coming along nicely.. Almost makes me want to organize, my least favorite thing to do.. lol Great JOB!