Thursday, December 3, 2009

{Thanksgiving & The Aftermath}

I’ve been a bad blogger again. I have a good excuse though . . . . . . . Thanksgiving.
Here was my schedule starting Monday the 23rd:
Monday:  Work until 4pm / Go to store / Go home & work on cleaning house
Tuesday:  Work until 4pm / Go home & work on cleaning house.
Wednesday:  Work until 1pm / Go home work on cleaning house / Set table for Thursday
*I was soooo excited to have everything done early enough to get the table the night before!  It was a first for me!  :D
Place Setting Place Settings
Thursday:  Thanksgiving All Day . . . . . . . it was a good time.
Friday:  Rest Get up / Go eat breakfast / See what was left from the morning madness / Spend more time with family
Saturday:  Get up early / Drive two hours to visit Grandpa & family / Take pictures (it was the perfect setting . . . learned a lot about my new camera & what I need to do going forward when taking pictures) / Drive two hours home / Go to bed
Emma & Papa
Sunday:  Rest Get up, go to church / Go to lunch / Go to store  / Get out Christmas decorations to decorate / Prepare & eat dinner with family
Monday:  Get up & go to work (remembered I had to work late) . . . worked until 10:30pm  ---- Ugh, will I ever get some rest?!?!
Tuesday was better, I didn’t do much after work and last night I didn’t do anything so here I am, back to blogging! Did you miss me?
Stay tuned because I have lots planned (that’s what happens when you take an extra long break)!
Hope everyone else’s Thanksgiving was more relaxed than mine.

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A Nest With A View said...

Your table settings looked so beautiful! Good for you for getting it all done andnot getting sick like I did!