Tuesday, December 15, 2009

{A Little Break}

Some of you may have noticed the big white rectangular box in my left sidebar. Well, that would be my Etsy shop. It’s empty. “Why?”, you ask. Well, in getting ready for the craft show last Saturday, I decided that after 3 years of running the shop, it was time for a break. So, from now until the first of the year the shop will be closed. During this time I plan to re-group and work on coming up with some new and fresh ideas.
Now, don’t worry. I’ll still be around, blogging, Twittering & Facebooking so if you are involved in any of those, let’s be friends!
Also, during this time, I would love to hear any comments/suggestions for the new year!
One more thing, so you don’t have to look at the big white box, I’m going to replace it with my Etsy Favorites!
Happy Holidays
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Perfectly Precocious said...

Enjoy your break! I think I am going to follow your lead :). Happy, happy holidays!

Adorebynat said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your break :-) I'm going to try relax a bit too this holiday season but still have my shop open.

Adorebynat said...
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