Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{New Obsession}

Greetings from California!

It seems that Little Miss has developed a new obsession.

For two days she begged for Minnie Mouse ears so we got her some and she wore them all day yesterday. Then she wanted a Minnie Mouse plush so of course she got one of those too. However, nothing could compare to her actually getting to meet Minnie Mouse in person! It was so cute the first time she saw her. She was absolutely star struck. She's still talking about it this morning.

Can I just say that I'm loving being able to blog from my phone. I'm wishing I had found this app months ago!

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Diana Fisher said...

Ahhhhh, OK, this is really cute!

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

That is a priceless smile! We love Disney! So fun to see your blog updates.

Please share the name of that cool app for us iphone users. :)

Claudia (DCRU)