Monday, October 12, 2009

{Disney Magic}

I'm trying blogging from the iPhone so bear with me.

It's been a very busy weekend so far. Emma did great on the flight here. I was a little worried . . . turns out, she's a little thrill seeker. Oh yeah, she earned her wings for her first flight.

The Disneyland Hotel is pretty nice. There's a Tinkerbell border in our room and we discovered last night that her fairy dust trail glows in the dark.

If you walk out of the hotel, you are in Downtown Disney where you can catch the monorail that takes you right into the middle of the park! I'm a 30+ year old woman & I feel like a kid!

We have three more days here & I still have stories so stay tuned!

With love from Disneyland,

Heather Pin It


Perfectly Precocious said...

I'm so glad you are having so much fun! I'm a little jealous too :). Enjoy!!!

nadia said...

Oh you're SO lucky to be staying there! Enjoy!

Carol B said...

thanks for sharing.