Monday, January 19, 2009

New Things at A Scrappy Design

For 2009, I am going to be trying fresh, fun, and new things.

#1 I'm trying out this new blog (was frequently frustrated with the other one) let me know your thoughts. If you want to compare, here is my other blog:

#2 I've started a new line of products called "Forest Friends". You can find these goodies by going to the Forest Friends section of my Etsy shop. I hope you like these little embellies as much as I have enjoyed making them. I only have a few items in there now but hope to add more in the weeks to come. Your thoughts on my new line is also greatly appreciated.

#3 Starting Feb 1, I will be having two weekly features here on my blog. The first feature, "Tuesday Teaser" will be a special offer for my shop that will run starting at midnight on Mondays and will end Tuesday at midnight. The second feature, called Feature Friday, will be a feature of some of my favorite Etsy sellers, websites, products, etc.

I really hope that if you have just started following me (or already have been), that you will continue to do so as I am very excited about this year and the things I have planned. I believe that 2009 is going to be a good year for all things handmade!
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