Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{My Favorite Things . . . at Home}

Just thought I’d share some of my favorite things/places around my house.
Love this print in my studio by Scarlettcat.
Print in Studio
The watch dog in my front flower bed.
Watch Dog
This birdhouse that hubby built.
070709 00000
   This relaxing spot in the backyard.
070309 00002
And last but not least, if I’m not in my studio, you can almost always find me chillin’ in my bed watchin’ TV. (our room is usually not this clean but I prefer it this way, of course).  :P
Cozumel 033 
Now that you have seen mine, tell me about your favorite things or places at home.
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lolly-jolly said...

what a cool dog and the birdhouse also! and your room seems quite calming and nice, perfect for relax in there:) My home is full of stuff and too artistic. Maybe i should make photos so you can see what i`m talking about but i can say it is absolutely a home of an artist.

Veronica said...

Now I am just loving your garden watch dog. I am loving my garden this year. I finally had the chance to spend some time and get all new plants and re-arrange everything back there. I have even gone as far as highlighting the larger trees with lights and can't wait for it to me warmer at night in order to enjoy spending time in my new place.