Monday, July 13, 2009

{Color Inspiration: Aqua, Purple, & Lime}

I have so much fun doing these color inspiration posts that I am going to start a weekly challenge with the color combos I post. I have created a Flickr group called Color iNspIRed, and I would love for all my readers to join and participate. There will be prizes (by random drawing) to those who participate! Winners will be announced each Sunday.
The Challenge: Create something with the color inspiration and upload it to the Flickr group mentioned above. You're creation can be anything you've made (photography also counts).
Inspiration comes in all forms. Today’s color inspiration comes from the cover of an Avon catalog.
Aqua Purple Lime
1. Little Treasures.......IMG_6764_f-1, 2. A little salt and pepper . . . , 3. True Colors, 4. Flashy Feathers (019), 5. 100_3169, 6. Purple, 7. Frozen Colors, 8. vintage zipper spirals necklace no. 2 (detail) - © amalia versaci 2009, 9. cool colored vintage zippers - © amalia versaci 2009

Time to get your challenge on! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
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LaurenMarie - Creative Curio said...

So I think this is a super cute idea, but I'm a little confused. Do they have to be my own pictures, or can I submit other users' photos from Flickr or...?

I'm thinking what would make the cutest inspiration photo is some juicy Rainier cherries. Yum!