Friday, March 13, 2009

Feature Friday - Neat Things

This week's feature is Neat Things. Her shop is filled with fun and snarky cards and other paper goods.

Tells us a little about yourself.
Just a little? I'm human most of the time. And I breathe. The rest is pretty boring.

What is your first memory of being crafty/artsy?In Girl Scouts, there was an art contest. I drew a picture of a bear sliding down a rainbow to a pot of gold. I stole the idea from Lauren, a friend of mine, who'd had such a doodle in one of her notebooks. I won the prize. Years later, she attended one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation. I did not.

Where do you get inspiration for your products?I see, hear, and say the most ridiculous things. Sometimes, they end up in my store.

Tell us a little about your workspace.
It's a little cramped in this cardboard box... Honestly, all I really need to work is a computer and I could outsource the rest. But I do have a home office that I use for both my primary business and this one. I'm in the process of painting each wall a different color, purchasing a credenza to store things like cutters and scorers, and installing an area expressly for creative thinking and inspiration.

Where can we find your products?

What methods do you find best bring traffic to your shop?Being annoying seems to work.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?I would like them to know that peanut butter can't climb trees.
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Orion Eclipsed Photography said...

I love neat things! I haven't bought anything from her yet, but I have definate plans to in the future!