Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ditzy Duo Blog

Some of you may have already noticed this but I have started a new blog with my best friend called, The Ditzy Duo. We have been friends for about 15 years and every time we are together, hilarious and crazy things seem to happen to us. So, we decided to start documenting them. In this blog, we will share those stories along with other posts such as challenges and giveaways that will encourage our theme of girl friends. If you haven't already visited the blog, you should get over there right away and start following us . . . you will NOT be disappointed. Oh yeah, and we also love comments . . . and any feedback you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. While you're over there, grab an "I Read The Ditzy Duo" badge for your blog! (Mine is over there in my right side bar).
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Glitzer said...

I think this is such a fab idea! I would love to write together with my best friends. However, since I travel quite a lot that could be difficult! Looking forward to read your great posts, the Ditzy Duo!

Mary Ann said...

Sounds like fun. Sort of like Lucy and Ethel. I'm off to check it out.