Friday, February 20, 2009

Feature Friday - Londi Creations

Welcome to this week's feature! Our feature today is Londi of Londi's Creations. Londi makes beautiful jewelry that are little pieces of art.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! My name is Londi, I was born in the U.S and I'm now living in France.

What is your first memory of being crafty/artsy?
I was lucky to be born in to a family full of talented artist! I started crafting and creating when I was very young. I'm a 3rd generation jeweler, I grew up with a jewelry shop and a potter shop in my home! The feeling of melting or manipulating metal, touching stones, or having my hands dirty with clay has always stuck with me!

Where do you get inspiration for your products?
I love working with color, texture, in every way shape and form! I'm inspired by nature, lighting, flowers, anything from a rock to a grain of sand.... A piece of gold, to a piece of glitter! (You will see what I mean at X-mas!)

Tell us a little about your workspace.
My work space is in my home and its always a wreck, but the worst at X-mas!

Where can we find your products?I've been selling on line in France for 1 yr. with success, I'm their # 1 seller! I do a lot of art and craft shows, our business is new so I have not yet started a site, blog , or Facebook, flicker, but it will come around soon!

What methods do you find best bring traffic to your shop?
I've only been with Etsy for about 3 weeks! So far the forums have been a great way to bring traffic to my shop! I've met a lot of great people, like you Heather!!!

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
I've had a great time with Etsy, a lot of fun promos as well! If you haven't seen my Zipper line "Zip It's" Take a look because most of this line will be gone of to NY. on display in a gallery/boutique by the middle of march!

Thanks Londie for sharing with us today!

Be sure to go check out Londie's shop for a beautiful and romantic experience. You will definitely find that her products are truly one of a kind pieces of art.

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londicreations said...

Thank-you Heather for all of your kind words and support! Londi