Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Real Parties: Super Mario}

Remember this invitation that I blogged about a week or so ago?

Well, the party was this past weekend. It was my niece’s 7th birthday party and she has been obsessed with Mario since my sister introduced it to her on the Wii. Get ready, this post is picture loaded.

Here is Mario (the birthday girl) and Luigi (little brother). My sister made the hats and her shirt.
06-03-12_0156(2) 06-03-12_0142

My sister, in the past, always had a little prodding by me (the obsessive party planner) when it came to my niece & nephew’s birthday parties but this year, she did it all on her own thanks to Pinterest. ;)

Other than the invites, the only printables she had me design were the labels for the treat table.
06-03-12_024906-03-12_0122 06-03-12_0124
I could have easily done more because once I got started I had tons of ideas.

For the table,  she got some brick pattern paper and covered boxes. Once she got them finished, she decided they would work great for cupcake stands. I loved the way she set it up.
06-03-12_0137 06-03-12_0145

She used Styrofoam balls and pvc pipe to make the piranha flowers and the pipes.
06-03-12_0136 06-03-12_0236

Above the table she hung blue balloons that had clouds on them and then added a couple of the stars.

And last but not least, she did sort of a picture booth where she made everyone put on a mustache and had me take pictures.


If you want to see my little family in mustaches, you have to go here. :)

I knew I’d wear off on my sister eventually. ;)

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Laurie! said...

super cute! LOVE the fake mustaches.

Silambarasan M said...

Wow nice. Really I wanna go to try this.
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