Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{What’s Your Flavor?}

I sure hope summer gets here soon, I’m FREEZING! I’m ready for it to be so hot that I can’t wait to stock up on my favorite flavors of ice cream.

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So tell me, what’s your favorite flavor?


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Diana Fisher said...

I hear ya! I am so tired of feeling chilly all the time!

My fave flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip from Turkey Hill. Bestest ever!!!

Jingle said...

I love ice cream!!! Actually, I was totally craving a pink of Ben and Jerry's at breakfast today. Didn't do it, but if I had one handy, I totally would have! I love vanilla, butter pecan, bubblegum, and banana! Okay...so I love any kind except for chocolate, really! LOL!

Laura said...

Chocolate chip cookie dough! :)

Linda Woods said...

Thanks for posting my art :)
My favorite flavor is mint chip and I have been known to have it for breakfast. YUM!!!

Brock said...