Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unorganized Chaos

Oy! I've been a bad blogger. Two weeks since my last post! I better get with it!

Ok, so to recap the last two weeks. . . .

Deluxe was a big success for me in my mind. My booth turned out pretty much how I had it pictured in my head and sales were good. Thank you to those who were able to come out and see me. I plan on doing it again in December. Here is a picture of my booth:

You can see more pics of my booth here and more Deluxe pics here.
The day after the show, me and my whole family left for Branson, MO. We had a lot of fun and with all the rain recently, everything was green and beautiful! Here's a family photo (I'm not in it since I was taking the picture).

You can see more pics of our trip here.
Coming back from vacation, I've been thinking about how so unorganized my life is. I need some structure! It seems like I am always doing things on a moment's notice or I get distracted by something while trying to do something else. I have a million things to do and only about 1% of it gets done! Is this normal? Am I the only one that has this problem? Please, someone tell me I'm not alone!
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Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

Your booth was the best. Should have been first place!

Two Happy Stampers said...

Good evening Heather. We have received an Honest Scrap Award, and would like to choose you as one of 7 to pass it onto. If you would like to accept this award, visit our blog and check out the rules. We have your name scheduled to post tomorrow a.m.

Have a nice day!
One of Two Happy Stampers

Taryn said...

That booth is amazing! You went above and beyond here. I know I would have been drawn to come check it out! Good job!
And, you have a beautiful family! I know you must be proud!!!


Funky Art Queen said...

Yes, you are normal, first you are a creative artist dahling....that means your mind is always going, then you are a woman and probably a wife and mother and it is very likely that you work outside of the home (have not dug into your blog enough) but we women tend to feel the way you explain quite often. Breaks are a good thing. Balance in time for you! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so with you on the organization thing. I definitely need to improve on that sometimes.

And, your booth looks fantastic! So glad it was a success :)

aiman said...

heyyy lovely booth ! wow i wish i could hav visited your stall...!:)lovely work u'v got here:)